Looking to join this guild :)

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Looking to join this guild :)

Mensaje por ImStOn3 el Dom Oct 13, 2013 6:59 am

- Name of your character on the server: ImStoneD
- Previous characters you had on the server: none im new to this server.
- Previous clans where you were and the reason for its abandonment: ---
- How long have you been playing on this server: 3 days Smile and loving it
- What time do you usually have and time devote to the game (on the server): at least 2 hours a day and more during weekends
- What is the reason for choosing this clan (The Family): i like a well structured guild and think i can learn alot from you guys.
- Occupation of your character or you aspire: i used to be a hardcore pvper so ill say pvp.
- Age: 26
- Family and / or real life friends on the server : none
- Players who know of this clan (not a simple greeting or prompt the player): none
- What would you wear score of 1 to 10 in both PVN and PVP (separately): i used to be great at pvp so 8 to pvp and 7 to pvn
- Have you read, understood and accept all Clan rules: yes
- Image / snapshot of your Skills and Stats trade in stone without any equipped item: cant up load image but i got maxed out stats 159-135-135 and got 2M gold so wont need any gold
and for skills well i just started and so far i macroed ANAtomy and EVAL and got 80 magery 50 heal


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